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The cross country league is a 4 race league held on Sunday mornings over the winter between Harlow RC, Bishop’s Stortford RC, Saffron Striders and Ware Joggers. The races are open to all club members, free to enter and does not require any pre-registration. All runners must wear a club vest.

Runners score points based on finishing position where a combination of men and women's finishers (including some veterans) are used to calculate a team's score. Each club is only allowed a limited number of 2nd claim scorers. We can field as many runners as we like and those who do not score themselves can affect the scores of other clubs, so we welcome all club members to participate.

The exact scoring system for 2012/13 is still under debate, but we are looking to have individual category prizes in addition to the usual team ones.


Race Details:


Race 1: Ware Joggers, Woodson Park Sports & Leisure Centre, SU12 0UQ - 16th November
Race HQ ¦ Route (8.01Km, diff 6.6) ¦ Results


Race 2: Harlow RC, Mark Hall Sports Centre, CM17 9LR - 14th December
Race HQ ¦ Route ¦ Results

Race 3: Saffron Striders, Newport Free Grammar School, CB11 3TR - 25th January
Race HQ ¦ Route (7.12Km, diff 6.8) ¦ 


Race 4: Bishop's Stortford RC, Cricket Club, CM23 5LG - 1st February
Race HQ ¦ Route (7.76Km, diff 6.3) ¦ Results


Mob Match: Hoddesdon Tri - 1st March (Note: start 13:30) ¦ Results

Current Standings: here

Routes shown are last season's and are assumed to be correct unless otherwise stated.
Races start at 10:30 am, except the mob match which starts at 13:30.
Individual placings are collated from the forms on the day/other clubs websites, so there may be inaccuracies.
Although it is spring marathon training season, but runners can build a short sharp XC race into a training program and have the option to run long Sat or add to distance to the XC, either before or after.

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