Harlow Running Club

Road & Cross Country Running (UKA 2658068)

Club PBs, Records and Awards

These records have been kept since the Club was formed on 12th January 1989 and have previously been compiled by Robin Parsons, Alan Dean, Alan Stevens and Terry Martin.

Please tell Colin Moody of any errors, amendments or omissions and they will be corrected in the next edition. The paper copy appears only once each year, but the Club Records tables are updated quarterly on the website.

If anyone competes in a race, Colin would be grateful if they could tell report their result and provide a link to the web site of the results (if there is one), so that he can keep these records accurate.

[Updated: Running records 15th Jul 2019, Triathlon records 9th Jan 2019]

Club Records

Men ¦ Women

HRC Personal Bests

Men :  5K ¦ 5 Mile ¦ 10K ¦ 10 Mile ¦ Half Marathon ¦ 15 Mile ¦ 20 Mile ¦ Marathon

Women : 5K ¦ 5 Mile ¦ 10K ¦ 10 Mile ¦ Half Marathon ¦ 15 Mile ¦ 20 Mile ¦ Marathon

Ultra Races: Men Ladies

Triathlon Personal Bests

Men : Sprint ¦ Olympic ¦ Half Iron ¦ Full Iron

Women : Sprint ¦ Olympic ¦ Half Iron ¦ Full Iron

HRC Annual Awards

2012 - 2003

Roll of Honour

2013 - 2006

If anyone wishes to claim a Club Record, this must have been achieved on an officially certified course and I must see a copy of the results.
Second Claim members are not eligible to hold Club Records, although their Personal Best Times while running for the Club are recorded. 

Where course distances are not certified as accurately measured, it has been noted at the top of the table and # added after the runner's name. If any member wishes their best time on a certified course to be recorded (instead of a faster time achieved on an uncertified course), please let me know and I will amend the records. 

Where a member prefers a self recorded time, rather than the official time, ** has been added after the runner's name. If any member wishes their time to be changed, please let me know and I will amend the records.

The following may all be Club Records but a copy of the results needs to be presented before they can be accepted:
5K - Senior - Noel Thatcher (Stevenage) May 00
10K - U20 - Neil Coster (Castle Point) Aug 96 (course not certified?)
5M - Senior - Karen Pugh (Cheshunt ECP) Apr 90 (course not certified?)
10K - V60 - Jackie Meerloo (Great London Run) Jul 95  
1/2M - V45 - Pat Malyon (Stevenage) Dec 92

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