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Midweek League Rules & Guide

Constitution and Rules (as updated 2011)

1. Title 

The name of the competition shall be the Mid-Week Road Race League

2. Objective

The objective of the league is to provide a number of mid-week road races, held under SEAA/ARC rules every year in the months of May, June and July.

3. Annual General Meeting

3.1 An AGM of the league will be held every year before March 15th. No other meeting will be held unless requested by a minimum of 50% of elected clubs.

3.2 The reasons for the AGM are: 

a) To elect a chairperson to preside over meetings, with the power of the casting vote.

b) To elect a secretary to deal with all correspondence.

c) To elect a treasurer to deal with all financial business including an annual report. 

d) To elect a results secretary for all divisions to deal with results at each race and to publish the results of each league meeting. 

e) To discuss and make rule changes.

f) To re-elect member clubs and to consider any applications from other clubs who wish to join the league.

g) To agree fixtures of the forthcoming season.

h) To discuss any other business.

3.3 All clubs present at the AGM shall have one vote each.

3.4 New clubs seeking membership to the league must be represented at the AGM.

4. Composition of League

The league shall comprise of two divisions 1 and 2. At the end of the season, the bottom two clubs in Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2. The top two teams in Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1. These relegations and promotions will be subject to the number of teams in the league and may make allowance for new clubs to join. Any new clubs elected to the league will join Division 2.

5. Quorum

No meeting may go ahead unless there are 50% of the elected clubs present.

6. Affiliation

The affiliation fee per annum for all elected clubs will be decided at the AGM and must be paid by the first race meeting. Failure to pay will mean expulsion from the league. In the event of the league being wound down, the surplus of the funds is to be donated to a charity determined by the committee. 

7. Race Meetings

7.1 Every elected club must be prepared to host a home meeting within a flexible rotation system of all elected clubs.

7.2 The host club is responsible for providing a course that is between 5 and 7 miles long. A road course is preferable, but a x-country or road and x-country route may be used. The distance of the race should be published.

7.3 The host club must provide a race organiser to take overall charge of the meeting and to organise marshals, timekeepers, officials and adequate First Aid cover. All marshalls to have mobile phones and contact number of Race Director/Central Person who isn’t running as well as the First aid contact should an emergency arise. 

7.4 If possible the host club should provide changing rooms and refreshments.

7.5 All runners shall wear an identifiable club vest or t-shirt.

7.6 All runners shall wear a race number, and may be disqualified if finishing without one.

7.7 Each team manager is to provide the results secretary with a typed list of all possible runners that should include the runner’s date of birth. Each runner is to be classified as male or female, and as a senior, or with their vet category (M40/W45 etc.). Age is to be that as at the date of the first race in the division that the club is competing in. 

7.8 Each team manager is to ensure that vet classification is stated on all results sheets before presentation to the results secretary.

7.9 A copy of the race permit must be displayed at each race.

7.10 Details of races must be provided to competing clubs at least 2 weeks before date of the fixture. 

8. System of Scoring

8.1 For each division there are two separate competitions, one for men and one for ladies. All runners, however, will start at the same time and run the same route. 

8.2 All clubs may enter as many runners as they wish for any meeting. Only the first twelve men and first eight ladies (Division 1) or six ladies (Division 2) will score for the team. 

8.3 Scoring System: 1st place = 1 point. Non-runners score 10 points more than the last runner’s score for that race (i.e. if the last runner scores 220 points, non-runners will score 230 points if required).

8.4 For each race the individual points score will be added together to determine the team score. In each division, the team with the lowest points total on the night will receive a ‘corrected points score’ equivalent to the number of teams in the division. The second best team will receive one less point, and so on down to the bottom team who will receive one point. The combined point scores for both the men’s and ladies teams will be added together at the end of the season for the purposes of promotion and relegation. 

8.5 The same system as 8.4 will be used for the vets competition but with the first six vet men and the first four vet ladies (division 1) or first three vet ladies (division 2).

9. Eligibility

9.1 The league is open to first claim members of clubs elected at the AGM. The committee will rule on disputes.

9.2 Second claim runners will be allowed to compete if the individual’s first claim club does not compete in the league and their details are provided to the results secretary prior to the first fixture of the season. 

9.3 Guest runners will not be allowed to take part.

9.4 All runners must be 15 years of age or over at the first fixture in the division that the club is competing in.

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