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Met League Rules & Guide

Full details can be found on the Met League website.


1. All Member Clubs must be affiliated to UK Athletics.

2. The management of the League be vested in a League Administrator and one representative from each member Club.

3. Any disputes concerning the League should be adjudicated by a Disputes Resolution Panel made up of three people, taken from a pool including the League Administrator and three elected representatives at the A.G.M. The Disputes Resolution Panel should not be members of any club involved in the dispute.

4. The League has its own website, run by an appointed League Website Administrator.

5. The member Clubs are currently: Barnet & District; Ealing Eagles; Ealing, Southall & Middlesex; Enfield & Haringey; Garden City Runners; Harlow RC; Herts Phoenix; Highgate Harriers; Hillingdon; London City AC; London Frontrunners; London Heathside; Metropolitan Police; Mornington Chasers; Newham & Essex Beagles; Serpentine; Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers; St Maryís Richmond; Thames Valley Harriers; Trent Park RC; Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets; Woodford Green with Essex Ladies. 

6. Any new club wishing to join the League should apply to the League Administrator before 31st March for the forthcoming season.

7. The AGM should meet after the close of each season at a Central London location to discuss relevant matters from the preceding season and decide changes for the following season.

8. Affiliation fees (to be decided at the AGM) are currently: £50 Tier A (Under 30 competitors during previous season) £75 Tier B (Under 80 but 30 or over competitors during previous season) £100 Tier C (80 or over competitors during previous season) These fees are payable to the League Administrator at the first fixture at the very latest. All surplus money after administration expenses are redistributed to the five hosting clubs. 

9. The rules of the ECCA and UK Athletics rules for competition shall apply. Club colours should be worn. The Referee can disqualify any athlete who does not comply with this rule.

10. Five meetings should be held per season. If a meeting is cancelled for whatever reason and suitable alternative date cannot be found, League positions will be decided over four meetings.

11. The timetable, race distances and age groups are:
1.00 1.5km Under 11's(over 9) 
1.15 3Km Under 13 Boys 
1.20 3Km Under 13 Girls
Not before 1.35 4Km Under 17 Men/Under 15 Boys 
Not before 1.40 4Km Under 17 Women/Under 15 Girls
Not before 1.55 6Km Women/Veteran Women 
Not before 2.35 8Km Men/Veteran Men 

12. Young Athletes age groups are taken as under the mentioned age at midnight 31st August/1st September preceding the season. Age groups in the Under 17 Men/Under 15 Boys, Under 17 Women/Under 15 Girls races, plus five-year categories for Veterans will be marked in the results. Veterans must have reached their age category on the day of the race. To be eligible to score, competitors should only compete in the correct race for their age group. For example, an Under 17 Man can only score in the Under 17 Men's Team competition. Should he compete in the senior men's race he should be marked as a guest competitor.

13. The Men's race and the Women's races are both run as one race, but their League Tables will be split into three divisions (10 teams in Divisions One & Two) in the results for Senior Men, Veteran Men, Senior Women and Veteran Women. At the end of the season, a two-up, two-down promotion and relegation system will operate.

14. The number of competitors scoring for each clubs "A" team is:
Under 13 Boys: 4-to-score 
Under 13 Girls: 4-to-score 
Under 17 Men/Under 15 Boys: 4-to-score 
Under 17 Women/Under 15 Girls: 4-to-score 
Senior Women
Division 1: 6-to-score 
Division 2: 5-to-score 
Division 3: 4-to-score 
Veteran Women
Division 1, 2 & 3: 4-to-score 
Senior Men
Division 1: 12-to-score 
Division 2: 10-to-score 
Division 3: 8-to-score 
Veteran Men
Division 1: 6-to-score 
Division 2: 5-to-score 
Division 3: 4-to-score 
Any Club finishing more than the required number to complete a team shall be scored a B team. C teams will join the lowest division for seniors and veterans if, on at least two occasions the previous season, the club would have completed one. Thereafter, they will compete in their rightful division within the League structure.

15. All races are scored on a reverse scoring basis, i.e. if there are 50 athletes in a race, the first finisher shall score 50 points, the 50th finisher 1 point. A club does not have to have the full number of athletes to score a team. In the senior races, athletes can count in both the senior and veteran team scoring. Scoring in the Senior, Veteran and Divisional races will be scored as if run as a separate race. Points from each fixture in each team competition are added together to create a League table.
Note: A clubs non-scorers count as finshers in the clubís bottom teamís division. Eg A club has an A team in Div 1 (12-to-score), B team in Div 2 (10-to-score), C team in Div 3 (8-to-score). If they finish  34 runners, 12 score in Div 1, 10 in Div 2 , 8 score in Div 3, plus the other 4 count as finishers in Div 3, effectively pushing other finishers in Div 3 further down. If a club has only two teams, both in Div 1, all club finishers would count as finishers in Div 1, effectively pushing other finishers in Div 1 further down, but only 24 would score (12 for A, 12 for B).

16. The Howard Williams Trophies are awarded to reward the strongest overall club in the League for (a) Senior's (b) Junior's. Discounting "B" Teams, the winning club in each team competition is awarded the number of points commensurate with the number of member clubs, the second place club in each age group is awarded the number of points commensurate with the number of member clubs less one. i.e. if there are 23 member clubs, winner gets 23 points, runner up 22 points, down to one point for the 23rd placed club. The totals for each team competition are then added together for (a) Senior's (Senior Men & Senior Women) (b) Juniors (Under 13 Boys, Under 13 Girls, Under 17 Men/Under 15 Boys and Under 17 Women/Under 15 Girls).

17. Numbers (different colours for males and females) and results sheets are to be supplied by the League. Safety pins are not provided by the League for athletes numbers. Each Club must have at least one person at each fixture to distribute race numbers, collect finishing discs and complete declaration sheets. Declaration sheets and finishing discs should be handed to the Meeting Manager within 30 minutes of the conclusion of each race.

18. Any athlete who has resigned from their former first claim club and has switched to first claim membership of a member League club is eligible to compete and score immediately, even if they are subject to a hardship ban from the governing body.

19. Second claim athletes are permitted to score provided they have been pre-registered with the League. The initial registration date will be 30 September to enable declaration sheets to be updated accordingly for the first fixture. A preliminary list of all registered second claim athletes will be circulated prior to the opening fixture. To allow for students who may wish to join local clubs at the start of their term, the final registration date to be allowed to score during the season will be 24 October. A list of all registered second claim athletes will then be circulated prior to the second fixture. Any second claim members not appearing on this register will still be permitted to run during the season, but must be marked as such on the declaration sheet and will be excluded from the calculation of team results.

20. Host clubs are requested to notify the League and Website Administrator of fixture details, local map of the venue and course maps at least two weeks prior to their match. These details will then be displayed on the League Website.

21. The host club shall arrange for Officials, Marshals and First Aid Cover for each race. Host clubs may contact other local League clubs to request help with officiating and marshalling. It is the responsibility of each host club to obtain a race permit and complete a course risk assessment.

22. A Meeting Manager shall be appointed for each fixture (normally the League Administrator) to give out numbers & declaration sheets prior to the meeting, distribute finishing discs at the end of each race and collect back in the declaration sheets and finishing discs.

23. Competitors must be listed on their club's declaration sheets with first (or "known as") name, surname and date of birth.

24. All clubs should arrive before the start of the meeting (1.00pm) in order for numbers to be distributed to each club.

25. Guest runners (i.e. with no affiliation to any of the member clubs) can only be given numbers by the Meeting Manager for a charge of £4 or £2 for U11's to U20's, and must return the finishing disc to the same person at the conclusion of their race.

26. Listening devices such as I-Pods are not allowed on safety grounds when competing.

27. Any clubs who are awarded trophies following the last fixture of the season must return them to the League Secretary in time for the Presentation of Trophies the following season. The responsibility for the up to date engraving of the Leagues Trophies, is that of the holding Club.

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