Harlow Running Club

Road & Cross Country Running (UKA 2658068)

In Case of Emergency (ICE) Tags

ICEtags.co.uk do tags that you can attach to clothing, bags or trainers/shoes with your name on them plus your ICE number (In Case of Emergency) and any medical details you may need/like to add.

The club believe this to be a great idea and can speak from experience that if you are out on your own and have an accident it can take a while for the emergency services to find out who to contact should the need arise especially if you are unconscious.

They also can put the Harlow Running Club logo on the back OR add your parkrun barcode.

They come in sets of 3 and can all be identical or for example 2 could have the club logo on and 1 have your park run bar code on the back plus your details on the front.

Please ask for current pricing but at time of writing (2 Nov 2017) they are £4.20 for the 3 if they have the bar code on.

The price could be cheaper if there's enough people interested. They call it a bulk order if 10 or more sets of 3 are ordered.

You can obviously do this yourself via their website or send your details in confidence to harlowrc@gmail.com

There may be questions I have not asked/answered or mentioned so please email me back and I will try to find an answer.

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