Harlow Running Club

Road & Cross Country Running (UKA 2658068)

Handicap 2018 [last updated 15 Mar 2019]

Handicap Calculations

If you think there is an issue with the race used or you think you should be listed, then please contact harlowrc@gmail.com ASAP.

Details of how these calculations are made, together with the series rules can be found here.


Prologue (2.3M) : 10 Apr [Tue] ¦ Race Route ¦ Results

Individual Races

Race 1 (2.3M)   :  8 May [Tue] ¦ Race Route ¦ Results
Race 2 (5K)     : 12 Jun [Tue] ¦ Race Route ¦ Results
Race 3 (4.9M)   :  5 Jul [Thu] ¦ Race Route ¦ Results
Race 4 (4.9M)   : 19 Jul [Thu] ¦ Race Route ¦ Results
Race 5 (5K)     : 31 Jul [Tue] ¦ Race Route ¦ Results
Race 6 (2.3M)   : 14 Aug [Tue] ¦ Race Route ¦ Results

Apologies if any of these dates clash with any races you may have planned, but the committee did its level best to spread the races out over the spring/summer period where weather/light conditions would be safe to run and avoiding the busy 5K/10K season.

The dates may be subject to change, keep an eye on Facebook for announcements.

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