Harlow Running Club

Road & Cross Country Running (UKA 2658068)

Handicap 2011

Previous Results: 2010 2009 2008

The club handicap is a members only series, that does not require any pre-entry and is open to all club members. All are welcome to participate from beginners to seasoned runners, including those who are not full members trying us out. However only fully paid up members scores will actually count.  If you wish to participate, you just have to turn up to the normal club training session.
Runners start the race according to a handicap time calculated from a recent race. This is usually calculated from the previous handicap race or a recent race if a suitable time is not available. However, times are checked against recent race performances to prevent people running slow to gain an advantage for next time. Runners start from the slowest runner to the fastest so that eveyone finishes the race together, so anyone can win! Points are awarded based on your finishing position.
To be eligible to win, runners must complete at least 4 races and have raced at each distance.

To help the event run smoothly, the organisers ask the following:

  1. Anyone who has not raced the series before should make themselves known to the organisers in the Mark Hall meeting room BEFORE the warm up jog to the start area and provide a race time (ideally 5K, 5 mile or 10K).
  2. Please familiarise yourself with the route - maps are on the website via links below!
  3. Please check your start times so you do not miss your slot.
  4. Those who are not full members should make themselves known to the organisers and DO NOT go through the finish.
  5. If you are running 'slow' as a training run or to accompany another runner, please DO NOT go through the finish.

Final Standings

1st Female - Michelle Aitkin
2nd Female - Janice Page

1st Male - Peter Ayling
2nd Male - Colin Moody

The overall series positions can be found here: Excel PDF

Individual Races 

Race 1 (2.33M): 22nd March  Race Route  Results (Excel PDF)

Race 2 (5.1K): 5th Apr Race Route  Results (Excel PDF)

Race 3 (4.89M): 5th May Race Route  Results (Excel PDF)

Race 4 (4.89M): 11th August  Race Route  Results (Excel PDF)

Race 5 (5.1K): 6th September  Race Route  Results (Excel PDF)

Race 6 (2.33M): 11th October  Race Route  Results (Excel PDF)

Apologies if any of these dates clash with any races you may have planned, but the commitee did its level best to spread the races out over the spring/summer period where weather/light conditions would be safe to run and avoiding the busy 5K/10K season. The later dates may be subject to change.

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