Harlow Running Club

Road & Cross Country Running (UKA 2658068)

Club Code of Conduct

For the safety and continued enjoyment of Club members, Harlow Running Club has a code of conduct that we expect members to follow.

1.   When using the facilities at our HQ, members should be aware of children being present, and ensure they dress appropriately and do not use language likely to upset or corrupt.

2.   Comments made verbally, on our social media pages – Facebook, Twitter and/or website should not be abusive, offensive or derogatory and that if they are, the moderators reserve the right to delete these types of postings and exclude the author. The Club recognises that many runners make use of social media in a personal capacity. While they are not acting on behalf of the Harlow Running Club, members must be aware that they could risk damaging our reputation if these are not appropriate. All members are therefore requested to ensure that they continue to recognise and respect this.

3.   Runners should be age 16 or above to participate in training sessions on the track, on the road or cross country.

4.   On training nights, members should cease talking when Club announcements are made.

5.   On training nights, all members should take equal responsibility for ensuring that no runners are left behind at the back of the group and should take turns in going to the back of the field for slower runners

6.   On all training nights when dark, members should wear fluorescent vests or other suitable clothing to ensure they can be clearly seen.

7. On training nights and when competing in races for the Club, runners should not wear headphones, for safety and communication with others. 

8.   All members will follow the Highway Code while training and not take unnecessary risks with traffic.

9.  All members must try to marshal or assist with at least one of the races that the Club organises each year.

10. When competing in all races for the Club, runners should wear a Harlow Running Club vest. They are also encouraged to wear Club shorts.

11. When competing in races, members should wherever possible, wait in the finish area for the last Club member to the finish


12. At races, one person should take responsibility to report the Club’s results to either of the Club Captains as soon as possible after the race.

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