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The Committee has agreed that the format be the same as last year, although some of the qualifying races have changed. Please note that some of these races sell out very soon after entries open, so if you wish to run in them, remember to enter early.

The Championship will be held throughout the calendar year, over a variety of distances and terrains, with a runner’s best 10 performances at the specified races/distances out of the 20, counting towards the final positions. Scores will be based on the aged graded WAVA calculations for each race, but points awarded in order of percentage, i.e. highest WAVA score gets 50 points, second gets 49 points etc. Runners under the age of 30 will have their percentage scores calculated at the age of 29, to eliminate some of the bias against younger runners in the formula. All calculations will be based on the official race results. Runners will stay in the same age category throughout the year, (i.e. their age on 1st January).

There will be an Overall Male Winner, Male Runner Up, Overall Female Winner and Female Runner Up, however these winners will not be eligible for the age category awards.

The Championship will also be used to decide the Club’s eight Age Category awards. For each race, runners would get 20 points for first place for the race in their age category, 19 for the second etc. 

The Championship will consist of four Essex Championship races of 5 miles, 10k, 10 miles, half marathon; plus one other 5 miles (Ingatestone 5); one other 10k (Hatfield Broad Oak); 1 other 10 miles (Stebbing); one other half marathon (Southend); the four Sunday cross country races at Ware, Hoddesdon. Saffron Striders and Bishop’s Stortford; Midweek League races at three locations (not Harlow or the Mob Match); any 5k, 15 miles, 20 miles, marathon, ultra (but only the best performance at each distance to count).

The following races have been chosen to count towards the Championship:

3rd Jan - Saffron Striders XC

24th Jan – Hoddesdon XC

28th Feb - Bishop’s Stortford XC

2nd May – Witham 5 (Essex Championship)

11th May – Bishop’s Stortford MWL 1

30th May - Hatfield Broad Oak 10k

25th May – Hitchin MWL 2

12th Jun – Southend Half Marathon

30th Jun –  Royston MWL 3

10th Jul – Felsted 10k (Essex Championship)

18th Sep – Ingatestone 5

2nd Oct – Pleshey Half Marathon (Essex Championship)

9th Oct – Tiptree 10 (Essex Championship)

Nov - Stebbing 10 

Nov - Ware XC

If you wish to see how the age gradings are calculated, you can look on the website at http://www.howardgrubb.co.uk/athletics/wmalookup06.html 

Current Standings: (excel | PDF)


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