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Dave Page

Having been very active in many sports from my school days, by the time I reached my mid thirties work and family pressures meant I wasn't actively participating in regular sport any longer. It was while watching the London Marathon on TV one Sunday morning that Janice and I decided we should run London before we hit 40.

This gave us the Running bug and we started running locally and entering local events as part of our training schedules, enjoying the atmosphere and buzz of these regular events.  I have now completed many marathons and countless 10k, 10 mile and half marathon races.

So after several years of running regularly together, Janice and I decided to join Harlow Running Club and it has been a fantastic experience. The camaraderie and training structure the Club provides has seen running become a core part of our daily lives and has maintained my motivation for running more than 10 years after deciding to tackle that first marathon.

Colin Moody

I started running almost by accident when I entered a fun run to raise money for equipment in the maternity unit at Princess Alexandra Hospital. The following year, 1984, I decided to achieve a long-held ambition to run a marathon and as there was one on the doorstep in Harlow, I had no excuse. I bought some shoes, trained, completed my first marathon - and was hooked. In hindsight, I blame in on the endorphins!

I competed in my first race in 1983, but didnít start running in any serious way until the following year, when I completed my first marathon. I ran for a number of years as an unattached runner, before joining the AAA Registration Scheme. When that ceased, I joined Harlow Athletic Club.

Harlow Running Club started 1989 and I became a founder member. I am certain that being a member of the Club has improved my running.  It gave me the chance to help with races and to eventually gain a UKA Endurance Officials Licence. This, I am sure, helped me in 2012 to land the role of Gamesmaker as part of the Athletics Training Team in the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London Ė a truly memorable summer.

I have continued to run, completing my 60th marathon in 2015. In October 2014 I celebrated 30 years of marathons by running my first overseas race when I finished the Lausanne Marathon, some 24 minutes slower than my first. (By the way, if anyone is in Lausanne, donít miss the Olympic Museum. I highly recommend it, but allow yourself at least half a day to do it justice).

For a number of years, I was content to run for the Club, but eventually felt that I should contribute more. Between 2000 and 2016 I served on the Committee in a variety of roles as Chairman, Membership Secretary and Secretary. I am firmly of the opinion that all members should have the opportunity to influence the Clubís direction and would encourage everyone to become involved in the Clubís activities, as without the active participation of members. The Club will not progress.

Sandi Rust

I have always been an active person taking part in a range of sports, Karate, Badminton, Boot camp, fell walking. but had always thought that asthma would stop me from being able to take up running. When I was training for the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge walk I started to attempt short runs around the fields where I live & found that I enjoyed running and gradually started to increase the distance. I then decided that I needed to get

 some running shoes & took a friend with me when I went to buy them, as I left the shop he handed me a leaflet & said hereís your first race it was the Braintree Skyline 5 mile a couple of months later. Whilst I laughed at the suggestion he knew I was not one to turn down a challenge & I entered the race. Within a few days of the race a leaflet arrived on my desk at work looking for members of staff to sign up to run the Peterborough half later in the year, I put my name on the list & then realised I would need some help to train for the event and this prompted me to join Harlow Running club & havenít looked back.

The support & encouragement I have received has helped me to achieve not only my goal of a half marathon but I have now also competed four marathons and two ultras. I like to challenge myself & have found being part of the club gives me the opportunity to train with like minded people.

Alan Wellbelove

I have been a member since 2014. I started running in June 2014 as I felt that taking up running was my last chance at getting fit. I had chronic back pain and at times struggled to even get out of my chair. Within a week of running, the back pain had gone. My initial run was just 100 metres and I barely plodded round and was bent over double at the end. I started the ĎCouch to 5K programí shortly after, running my first Ďproperí run for nearly 30 years  at Great Notley parkrun, the same month I joined HRC. For several weeks I only attended the Tuesday evening training sessions, as I didnít feel confident enough to run the 5 miles plus of the Thursday nights. Always finishing at the back Ė and a long way back. Gradually I got fitter and faster, could run further and lost weight as well. I ran my first Cross Country race for 40 years In the November, followed a week later by my first road race, (10K). In 2015 I ran several races at 5K, 5M, 10K & 10M, surprising myself in setting good PBs in all. Iím proof, that if I can do it, anybody can.

Iím sure if I hadnít joined the club that I would have quit running before the first Xmas, but the support of the members and atmosphere have encouraged me to keep on running.

Holly Nairn

After three years at university which consisted mainly of heavy drinking and eating as much pizza as I could possibly stuff into my face I felt generally unwell and ready for a change. I knew that if I was going to cope with being a fulltime teacher I needed to keep my mind and body healthy and active and with that realisation came my first attempt at running. At first it was so difficult but after a while I started to get the hang of it and before I knew it was actually enjoying my daily routine of a 6 mile loop near my home in Roydon. Joining Harlow Running Club soon after becoming

 more confident with my pace and distance has kept me motivated and engaged with running for the best part of 4 years. Harlow Running Club caters for all abilities Ė I am certainly not a speedy runner but have always felt encouraged and looked after by other members. Being a member of a club means you always have a friendly, supportive and totally engaged running community around you. There is always something different going on which you can join in with, club running can be as all-consuming or as relaxed as you want it to be. I particularly love inter-club cross country races which are held in the winter. There is a certain satisfaction in getting out into the freezing cold and having an amazing run when everyone else if moaning about the weather and staying indoors! If you are thinking of trying a running club go for it and come and join us!

Jamie Jephcott

Having been a solo runner for many years than I can mention, I was finally seconded by Harlow running club in 2008.
I was minding my own business at the Harlow town fair helping my son drum up business for his basketball team, before I knew it I had said I would give the running club a try. The rest as they say is history and I have not looked back since (well except in races to see how far back JS is).
I have continued to gain confidence in myself and ability, alright I might not be the best. but with the help of the club I have pushed myself to new heights.
In 2007 I ran my first marathon, no real training just will power (thinking i knew best) it took me 4 hours 15 minutes, never did I think I would beat that. In 2009 I ran the Abingdon marathon 3 hours 26 minutes, if I had not joined the running club I doubt I would ever have reached this time.
My aims are to keep getting PBs and to keep running as long as possible, the few shall I say older but more experienced runners are an inspiration and I can only hope that I am as good as they are in years to come.
I am now the recruitment officer for the club, must of been my destiny, (my inbox has never had so many emails), the club has been good to me and I hope I can help the club continue to grow.
Looking forward to many happy, injury free running years to come.

Justin Patten

I have chosen to run as I find it the best way to keep my weight down whilst still being able to enjoy food and not so occasional glass of wine/beer etc. Since joining the club in 2012 I have liked the cameradie of being part of a club and the encouragement to improve whatever your level. I will continue to do the club run and the races which we can do.

Dan Chapman

I have been running since June 2008. I always liked running when I was at school, and now I am a little older I was looking for something to keep me fit and for the social element as well, something to do as a club and meet people.

I started in the beginners and got the running bug immediately. I was only there for a few weeks when it was suggested I try the later group. It's amazing how quickly your running improves when you stay with it. My first time in the later group was a club 5 mile race. I didn't know how quickly I could run it, it was also going to be the furthest distance I had run. I completed it in 56.09. After three months running at the club I ran the same race in 34.55.

I love the competitive side of running and seeing your race times drop with training. There always seems to be someone just that little bit faster who you are trying to beat to keep you motivated to improve all the time.

My ultimate running ambition is to run at sub 40 minute 10k, just once. My fastest time so far is 42.53, so I still have lots of work to do but steadily I am getting there.


I am one of the founder members of Harlow Running Club and have being part of some very exiting times at
club. I have helped with the coaching of members with reasonable results. I have also helped to
set runs up.







Rick Ricketts

I first took up running back in 1986 when, after struggling to run for a bus, I decided it was time to get fit!  I was 21. 

For the next 5 years I ran on my own, taking on all the distances including the London and Harlow marathons.  It was in 1991 that I finally joined Harlow Running club. I had the same trepidations as anyone else joining, that is ďI wouldnít be good enough for a clubĒ.  Those thoughts were soon banished. I was welcomed by the likes of Pasquale, Graham Pugh and the Stevens, as well as many others, and I was soon racing regularly in all distances and terrains.


Since then Iíve achieved many goals with the club including running several marathons abroad, team event successes and running the sort of landmark personal bests that I thought only ďotherĒ runners could achieve.  Iíve made many good friends in the club-in fact most of my best friends have come from the club (they know who they are). Most importantly, the club has become a big part of my life and, whenever Iíve had personal problems, Iíve found that running has been my salvation.


In recent years my work commitments have partly restricted my time at the club but I still find the time when it really matters.  Iím in my second stint as Menís team captain and Iím proud of that-I still get a little tingle when I put that vest on and line up for a race, after more than 18 years.


By the way, I did catch that bus...

Vicky Steadman

Vicky joined HRC in 2006. Vicky says ĎI had been running on my own since 2000, and generally entered a half marathon every year. In 2006 I ran the London Marathon for St Clare Hospice, and HRC were very helpful with offering advice and allowing us to share their transport to the Silverstone HM and the Marathon. My husband and I then decided to join HRC, even though it wasnít our local club, as they had been so welcoming. As a couple, training with HRC allows us to run at our different paces and still have company without me holding my husband back! Since joining HRC I have got PBs at every distance and have improved my HM time by 14 mins and my marathon time by 26 mins. I am a regular at club social events, and particularly enjoy the summer pub runs!í

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