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Handicap 2014

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Overall Results

Congratulations to Robin Lozeau and Vicky Calver

Overall: Results


Prologue (2.33M) - Tuesday 18th March: Race Route  Results

Please note that a change in the rules to the qualifying races (certified distance of 10K or below in the previous 6 months) means that many of the participants did not have a predicted time to use for this race - they do now of course.

Individual Races

Race 1 (2.3M): Tuesday 8th April  Race Route  Results

Race 2 (4.9M):  Thursday 1st May  Race Route  Results

Race 3 (5K):  Tuesday 24th June  Race Route  Results

Note: Race declared void due to technical difficulties on the night.

Race 4 (5K): Tuesday 8th July  Race Route  Results

Race 5 (4.9M): Thursday 7th August  Race Route  Results

Race 6 (5K): Tuesday 4th September  Race Route  Results

Race  7 (2.3M): Tuesday 14th October  Race Route  Results

The website that I store the race routes on has undergone some changes that has broken then links.  Please be patient while I correct them

Apologies if any of these dates clash with any races you may have planned, but the commitee did its level best to spread the races out over the spring/summer period where weather/light conditions would be safe to run and avoiding the busy 5K/10K season. The later dates may be subject to change.

Important Announcements

RACE RULES: Members are reminded that it is now against UKA and BARR rules to swap race numbers WITHOUT permission from the race organisers.  If a runner of an affiliated event is found to be in breach of this rule, then the runner can be disqualified and further sanctions applied to both the runners and their clubs.

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