Harlow Running Club

Road & Cross Country Running (UKA 2658068)

Club Handicap 2008

The club handicap is a members only series, that does not require any pre-entry and is open to all club members. If you wish to participate, you just have to turn up to the normal Tuesday club training session at 7:30pm.

Runners start the race according to a handicap time calculated from a recent race. Runners start from the slowest runner to the fastest so that eveyone finishes the race together, so anyone can win! Points are awarded based on your finishing position and your time (or one from a more recent race) is used to recalculate your handicap for next time.

To be eligible to win, runners must complete at least 4 races and have raced at each distance.


Race 1 (2.3M): 31st March Results

Race 2 (5K): 21st April  Results

Race 3 (5M): 9th June Results

Race 4 (5K): 7th July Results

Race 5 (5M): 18th August Results

Race 6 (2.3M): 22nd September Results

Overall Results

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