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Handicap Rules & Guide [last updated 11 Mar 2018]

Handicap Calculations

The calculations are made as follows:

Individual runners race times from the prologue are normalised for the race distance using a Riegel Formula


The race used as a base for the next handicap time is then selected in the following order:

The previous handicap race (including prologue)
The current handicap series (including prologue)

The predicted race time for this race is then extrapolated to the distance for the handicap race using the same Riegel Formula as above.

Organisers reserve the right to use a recent best 5-10k time if believed first race time provided is not representative.

If you think there is an issue with the race used or you think you should be listed, then please contact harlowrc@gmail.com ASAP.

Results for individual events in the series will be published on the web site. However, the final result may, at the discretion of the Committee, not be publicised until the Annual Awards night.

Race Scores

Runners set off in groups of similar ability based on their predicted time and their race time is recorded.

Race time is compared to predicted time in terms of a % of predicted time

Runners are placed in order of % improvement (smallest first) - this means that a slower runner will have to improve on their predicted time by much more than someone with a faster time for the same score.

Runners without a verified predicted time will score last place +1 - this is to prevent situations where a first time runner can adversely affect the scores should a very inaccurate predicted time be used for them. Once they have run, then they will have a time that can be used for subsequent races.

Series Scoring
Runners scores for their best 4 races are added together with the smallest overall score to giving a male and female winner according to the following criteria:

A runner must have completed a minimum of 4 races
A runner must have raced each of the 3 distances

Individual Races
To help the event run smoothly, the organisers ask the following:

  1. Please familiarise yourself with the route - maps are on the website.
  2. Please check your start times so you do not miss your group.
  3. Those who are not full members should make themselves known to the organisers and DO NOT go through the finish.
  4. If you are running 'slow' as a training run or to accompany another runner, please DO NOT go through the finish.

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