Harlow Running Club

Road & Cross Country Running (UKA 2658068)

Club Championship 2008


The Committee has agreed that the Club Championship will feature a different selection of races for 2008.

There will be a male and a female winner.


As in previous years, the Championship will be held over the length of the year, over a variety of distances, with a runnerís best four performances out of the seven events, on an aged graded basis, counting towards the final positions. All calculations will be based on the official race results.


The Committee has agreed that the following races should be used to count towards the Championship:


        Great Bentley Half Marathon (3rd February)

        Tilty Hilly 5 (1st June)

        Felsted 10k (13th July)

        Havens Hospices 5k, Basildon (10th August)

        Stebbing 10 (9th November)

        20 Miles (any)

        Marathon (any)


2008 Results 


If you wish to see how the age gradings are calculated, you can look on this website


When further details about the races are known, I will update this notice and additionally include details on the Clubís fixture list.


For the first time, in 2008, I will also include a table that shows each runnerís individual time that is the basis for the age graded calculations.


                                                          Colin Moody.

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